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PlusOne Rumble

A Doctor&Rose Icontest Community

A Doctor & Rose Icontest Community
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Welcome to plusone_rumble.

A rumble is an icontest similar to a LIMS but without the getting voted out thing. Instead of voting people out every round, every participant stays until the end of a round. In every challenge you can earn points, and at the end of the round the participant with the most points wins.
This rumble was inspired quite much by moonlightrumble, the very best icontest I've ever participated in, run by endlessdeep.

plusone_rumble is a Doctor Who Rumble centered on the Doctor and Rose, since we already have a Doctor Who Rumble.

Please read all rules and information carefully. In the profile, the sign-up posts, and the challenge posts.

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&hearts Every Round will consist of 10 challenges
&hearts To participate in the challenges, you must be signed up for the round and be a member of the community
&hearts Each challenge will be focused on either the Doctor, Rose, or both of them. This includes anything like episodic challenges, screencap challenges, character challenges, theme challenges, something with the actors, etc.
&hearts Points are awarded for each challenge. (First place = 4, Second place = 3, Third place = 2, Special Category = 1)
&hearts Every time you participate in a challenge you will receive 1 point, regardless of whether or not you placed.
&hearts One time per round (during the sign-ups) you can receive up to 3 bonus points for promoting the community. (see: promotion)
&hearts At the end of a round, there will be three winners: First place, second place and third place. The winning is based on the number of points received. The person with the most points wins.
&hearts If you don't enter an icon in challenge 1 of any round, you will be disqualified
&hearts After challenge 1 you can miss challenges, but if you miss four challenges in a row, you'll also be disqualified
&hearts If you have to drop out due to some reason, just let me know with a comment in any entry


&hearts Sign up to enter the challenges!
&hearts You can submit 1 icon per challenge
&hearts Each challenge will run one full week, the icons have to be submitted by Sundays
&hearts Do not submit OLD icons, make a new one for each challenge!
&hearts The icons must be of your own creation!
&hearts No Animation (Unless otherwise stated)
&hearts Please do not post your icons until voting has closed. If I see your icons anywhere before the voting is closed, I'll have to disqualify your icon
&hearts Icons must fit LJ standards: 40kb in size and 100x100 pixels.
&hearts PLEASE read the submission rules for each challenge carefully, as they change from challenge to challenge.


&hearts If you enter an icon in a challenge, you must vote. If you have the time to submit an icon, you have the time to vote. If I see that you never vote, I'll have to think about disqualifiying 'cause a contest doesn't work without votes.
&hearts Everyone else can vote wheter you are member of the community or not. I will not count anonymous votes.
&hearts Voting will last 2-3 days.
&hearts You will give four votes: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and a special category
&hearts Do not vote for yourself!
&hearts Feel free to ask friends to vote, but don't ask them to vote for your icon or tell anyone which one is yours.
&hearts The winners of each challenge will be awarded points. (First place = 4, Second place = 3, Third place = 2, Special Category = 1, Mod's Choice = 1)
&hearts In the event of a tie, winners will receive points for the place they tied. (If 3 or more icons tie for a place there will be Tie Breaker Voting. If only 2 icons tied they will both receive points for the place they tied.)


At the beginning of every round you have the chance to earn up to 5 aditional bonus points by promoting the community. This is a great chance for you to get more points and it is a great opportunity for the community to grow. And we all want that, don't we? ^^

&hearts You can promote the community by putting one of the promotion buttons below into your userinfo. That will give you one point.
&hearts Or you can promote the community in your own journal, in your graphics journal etc. (as long as the entry is not friends only). That will give you two points.
&hearts Please don't promote the community in any official Doctor Who Community (if you run it then you can, of course) 'cause I'll promote it there. I know there are thousands of Doctor Who communities out there and I'm sure I don't know all, so I won't be really strict about this. I'll promote just in the most popular comms.
&hearts Promotions in "promotion communities" (like icontest_promo) will not be valid.

If you want to receive the promotion points, give me the links to your promotions in a comment in the SignUp Entry.

## Congratulations! You've read the rules! Now you are ready to sign up. Put the secret quote "It's bigger on the inside!" somewhere in your comment when you sign up to show me you've read the rules.

To promote the community in your userinfo with one of the promotion buttons below, just copy the code.